Melody Magic

  • Date: March 2018

Made during HackISU Spring 2018 with Eric Middleton.

This is an algorithmic music generator which automatically creates a song with visualizations. The song comprises of a four-part arrangement (melody, harmony, bass line, and percussion), and the visualizations show each of the four parts.

Additionally, we developed a few modules that can connect to the core music generator:

  • 2D visualizer written with Python and Blender. Viewable on a screen, and matches the melody and percussion.
  • LED matrix visualization using an ESP8266 embedded processor. Pulses with the bass line and changes colors with the harmony.
  • Optical motion input using webcam and OpenCV. Allows the user to affect the melody generation through movement.

The code is available on GitHub, and the debut song produced by our algorithm is available on all major music platforms under the moniker “Melody Magic”.

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